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Hope's Garden - A Home for Life

God loves mothers. God loves children. We do too.
Help us offer them the choice of LIFE by providing a way to give birth and raise their children in a safe and loving home: Hope's Garden: Love Grows Here.

"Every living thing belongs to me. The life of the parent is mine, and the life of the child is mine." (Ezek. 18:4A - NCV)

Grow the Vision

Please prayerfully consider donating to this cause where lives will be saved in more ways than we can possibly imagine

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Hope's Garden will be a place where women with no good choices come and choose the best: LIFE. Where oftentimes the only choice given to them in the world is to abort their baby, Hope's Garden gives them a much better choice - to have their baby and live in a place where LOVE grows in God's garden of GRACE.

Please partner with us as we begin to plant seeds of true HOPE today!

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