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Blanket of Grace

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

“Grace is God’s best idea. His decision to ravage a people by love, to rescue passionately, and to restore justly—what rivals it? Of all His wondrous works, grace, in my estimation, is the magnum opus.” – Max Lucado Just as the season of Lent began, a thick blanket of snow began to cover the ground over my city. Like attending a VIP party that none of them wanted to miss, the snowflakes came in eager, excited droves! Watching their arrival is always a bit magical. Peering out my window, I beckon them to keep coming as they bring lovely change to the pattern of my days, and I welcome it. What always amazes me is that even though I see it with my own eyes, I never expect so much to stick and stay. I watch millions and millions of white fluffs falling, but somehow it still surprises me how much of it lingers for the night and days that follow. Waking up to my world covered in snow is an appreciated guest for a while; "Oh! You decided to stay! How wonderful!" I exclaim like a perfectly hospitable host. Soon enough though (like after one day), my attitude shifts abruptly towards it - as with an overly comfortable houseguest that just won't get the hint, I begin my counteroffensive strategy; "Alright now, SNOW, it has been super fun having you, but time to move on, I've got to get back to regular life." I sternly nudge it, which doesn't budge it. Ugh. I rapidly realize, this is all too typical of me. I am a fickle-minded little thing. As long as my circumstances fit my idea of nice and appealing, great. If they stay uninvited, irritate, or worse, impede my ability to drive to Starbucks when the craving strikes to get a chai latte, well, then, we certainly have a problem. It got me thinking how grateful I am that God is not like me. He is constant in His peace, joy, patience, and love. His grace-bucket never goes empty. He never changes His love for me or any of us, like I do for things or people that may intrude on my version of happy. His grace, in His good and perfect way, is truly sufficient to fill and complete me: ...“My grace is enough for you. When you are weak, my power is made perfect in you.” (2 Corinth. 12:9 NCV) It is beyond reassuring to read that God has a covering for our weaknesses. Like a warm, thick blanket over our daily grind and struggle as we walk out our days, His grace embraces us and holds tight and empowers us to thrive in all situations. He will not allow us to fall beyond His sight and care. What a beautiful assurance! Reflecting on these 40 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday, I stand grateful yet again for my beautiful Savior, who washed my sin, and what separates, as white as snow (Psalm 51:7), by His perfect grace-act on the cross at Calvary. I am reminded as I look out on the whitewashed landscape how He blanketed humanity in undeserved grace by cleansing us with His salvation and just what a gift each day is when I remain wrapped in His arms of sublime love, tucked in tight by the Heavenly Father. You know what? I change my mind. "Normal" life can wait a bit longer - I want to linger in this moment. I choose gratitude for the pause the snow offers me, and I choose to relish in the reminder of His gift of deep, unsurpassed, and amazing grace.

Question: Do you feel God's blanket of Grace over you? If not, ask for Him to enter your heart and mind and accept His gift of eternal life through Jesus. You will feel enveloped by a love you have never known. I promise.

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1 commentaire

Dear Jen,

What a wonderful post! I'm so thankful for His blanket of grace when I actually pull it on.



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