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Choosing to Choose Better; It's About Time

Are you tired of living a half-baked life? Void of the some of the best ingredients; joy, peace, deep and connected love? Are the same hurts, disappointments, and feelings of gritty regret following you like a shadow, hard to shake?

I reached that point a few years ago, after snapping once too often at my kids and husband for just being who they are. My critical heart was the issue, not them, and not yet another sock or toy left on the floor. I expected they keep up with my unrealistic expectations of an always clean house and quiet-filled days. I was a grumpy gal and was sucking the joy out of our house like a hovering black hole. I had let impossible perfectionism take a place of honor rather than peace and love and in the process I was making us all miserable. "Perfect" is a hologram after all, not something we can hold, touch or feel, and it certainly won't love us back. It is a one-way affair. I was on a dark and lonely road without a lantern, desperate for light and a better way.

I found that much needed lit-path by God's grace through studying and reaching into His Word. I fumbled and stumbled, but decided (thankfully) to stay and daily walk alongside Jesus, and in doing so I finally have discovered peace. Jesus showed me a better life. He is the way, truth and life (John 14:6) and the way to true joy. Now, I am still needing each and every day to keep choosing better by choosing Him and His ways so that I do not run others over with my carload of unrealistic and unfair expectations. I am trying, I really am.

After many, many mishaps, I am finally able to walk lighter. Leaving behind the battered backpack of bad choices and regretful moments, I am going forward with a new, much less burdensome pack: One filled with good things and better choices and therefore better memories. The old, useless idols of "fitting in" and "being perfect" and so many others that I held onto tight are in the past and I need to leave them there lest I break under their unrelenting weight.

How about you? What are you carrying around that needs to be dropped and left behind? Do you want to discover God's best life for you?

Let's journey together and keep on the well-lit way. This, dear friend, is something we will not regret.

Please send me a note, introduce yourself, let's get our walking boots laced up and take these steps together.

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