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Life Support

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” ― Audrey Hepburn

I recently had the unbelievable privilege of being a kidney donor to a dear friend I met over sixteen years ago. She had been on dialysis three days a week for a year and a half and her once vibrant and energetic body was becoming, against her will, one that was only slowly crawling along the outer walls of life's living room, never feeling really good anymore, just some days felt slightly better than others.

God really does move us in mysterious ways and into each other's lives for purposes deeper than we can possibly imagine at first glance. He spoke to me clearly to offer up something that I never thought I would be asked to give, saying: "Daughter, this sister of yours needs help. Offer it".

Me (being me) had to quickly ask Him a follow-up question: "What? Lord, You are asking I give her one of my organs? Did I hear that right?" and then He gently nudges me forward; "MMM HMMM. You did." I have finally learned after many years of walking with God that when He asks something of me, I do much better when I say "Yes." Even though the ask seems large and perhaps looming at the time, I have found that He always has a very good plan in it. He can make what appear to be mountains into molehills but only when we trust in His sovereignty and vision not our own limited, doubt-shrouded view. And He reminded me once again everything under the sun and around too it is His, not mine to keep clutched tight anyway.

We had the procedure done a couple of weeks ago and both came out of it beautifully. My body has already almost completely healed and hers received the gift with eager, open arms, and now she runs circles around the living room with a new lease on life - praises! He paired us up all of those years ago, knowing, as with all things, the end from the beginning and now we have another gorgeous part of our life-testimony to tell; God brought us to it, walked with us through it, and ahead of time already knew it!

Not all of us will find Him asking the same thing from us, but we are all called to be participating, life support for others in one form or another. We cannot call ourselves true followers of Christ without loving others like Him. Sometimes this means donating a kidney, but most times it means donating our heart. Don't worry! Not literally!

What I mean is, we give a heart donation and life support every time we give our full presence and love to someone in need. We do not have to look very far to see another feeling hurt, lost, scared and alone and in need of help carrying some of the weight. And we must remember that one offering is not more important than the other: All give much-needed sustenance:

"Carry one another’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the requirements of the law of Christ [that is, the law of Christian love]." (Galatians 6:2 - AMP)

When my friend and I were prepping for surgery and getting the needed testing done and up to the moment of and all the moments after we had many people lifting us up in prayer. I cannot explain the love we felt by this! It was like non-stop incense of love-thoughts rising up to the throne of Heaven on our behalf and we knew that we were being held in the sweetest of ways. This is one of the best ways we offer each other life support, friends: Going to the One who is Life and asking Him to care for one another in specific ways. We must never neglect this sacred practice - it is a true offering of something beautiful and better.

And the amount of hands-on help we received was beautiful too: My angel-mom driving our son to and from school, a large food gift certificate that offered healthy, pre-made meals to just pop in the microwave, lovely cards. flowers, comfy pajamas, and even cookies with personal messages got delivered. Just awesome.

We all need some life support during this journey. Please reach out if you are hurting to people that can and want to help, and if your current road is smooth and easier right now, offer to carry the load of another for a bit. I can guarantee you in God's good and perfect economy, someone will stretch out their hand to you in return one day. An eternal circling of grace and love and life. When we reach out and help another, we are showing Jesus' love best.

Support one another, it is the calling of Christ, and the fulfillment of His laws but more importantly His deep love for us all. Amen

Question: Is there someone in your life that needs support? Pray over them and then pick up the phone and take some of their life's weight. You will be glad you did. Or, if you are in need of grace, pick up the phone as well and allow others to be your life support too.

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