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The possibilities of prayer are the possibilities of faith...Faith is always praying; prayer is always believing. Faith must have a tongue by which it can speak; prayer is the tongue of faith.

~E.M. Bounds

Ever thought that you were bugging God? Like your requests were just too small or insignificant, or asked for way too many times? I have - if I am being perfectly honest.

Growing up, I was taught in the school of "Be polite". This meant mind your manners, speak kindly and not too often, and most important of all: Don't be rude or be a pest! So, this is the lens that I try to filter my grown-up-lady-thoughts through even still today. But, oftentimes, I forget the lessons of my youth and I wonder if I sound like a pushy and overbearing trial lawyer to God sometimes, trying to convince Him and the court while pleading my case in sort of an obnoxious way like: "Your Honor, I seek permission to once again approach the bench. I really don't think You are understanding me".

Of course, He knows and understands fully the end from each beginning and hears us the very first time we ask. And thankfully, He does not put us in contempt and abruptly tell us to sit down, rolling His eyes - annoyed and flustered at our continued insistence. Instead, just the opposite, He reminds us that our repeated pleas can bring beautiful and much-needed assurance of His love and what our faith in Him really brings:

"So what makes you think God won’t step in and work justice for his chosen people, who continue to cry out for help? Won’t he stick up for them? I assure you, he will. He will not drag his feet. But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when he returns?” (Luke 18:7-8 MSG)

He tells us clearly in this passage to keep on asking! Speak often in your "tongue of faith" and bring Him your toughest cases! Approach the bench freely! Hold out with hope for a clear verdict for a lost and wayward child, a hurting heart, and an anxiously knotted mind.

God relishes ruling in our favor and for the good of His children. He is righteous and fair! He does not wait to answer our prayers just for the sake of hearing us ask - it is because He knows the sweet and ripened time to bring resolution to each and every request.

Just because I can get impatient, does not affect God's perfectly timed and handpicked answers to my pleas. He says, "Go ahead! Be a gutsy prayer-lawyer, bring Me your needs and your heart-longings, show the exhibits, and know that I am kind and full of mercy and always ready to listen. I take no offense in your asking."

We can take a recess in full confidence knowing that He will not put our file at the bottom of a pile to be forgotten. Each and every prayer in faith is seen as the most important case He has heard all day. He is big enough to treat each and every one as the only one! Amazing.

Speak with assurance. Approach the Good Judge without fear, knowing He is excitedly awaiting you. He will always decide in your best interest and in His perfect and unequaled will. He loves your prayer language of faith and will never tire hearing it.

Case closed.

Question: Do you know how much God loves hearing from you and that you can never, ever bother Him? Let your prayers be heard, He cannot wait to hear from you again and again!

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