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LovingPeopleFully Video

Who We Are

LovingPeopleFully (LPF) is a devoted church family that loves people from the womb and into eternity, right where they are. Our desire is to connect the generations through God’s word, understanding His deep love for us, and know the fullness of His grace so that all would feel embraced by the One who created us for relationship with Himself.


LPF was built out of deep compassion to bring hope to those feeling hopeless and abandoned and to do our part in letting people know that God sees them, hears them, and holds them - and that they are not alone.


By introducing people to Jesus, they find their true worth and identity as a beloved child of God. We believe God's word. We believe that we will never know ourselves until we know our God. And that we will always be searching until we seek and find Him. 

Love God. Love Others. Repeat.

Sometimes it really is that simple. Love is indeed a verb and we want to move, shake, and be the love in the world. When things seem hopeless, we want to be there to lift people up and give encouragement to keep going. One step and one breath at a time. 

People need to know they are not alone and not forgotten. God loves them and so do we. The equation is simple (and not being math majors, are we not all glad?)


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