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IGNITE 2024 

March 9, 2024


IGNITE: All In Living with Grace-Filled Holiness 

If we know Jesus, living with grace-filled holiness is an assumed biblical calling on all of our lives. “Be holy for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16). But in a world increasingly lacking a moral center while struggling to find leaders who can model integrity grounded in truth, the concept of living with grace-filled holiness may feel like a lost art –– old-fashioned at best, unappealing, at worst!


Longing to be magnetically drawn to the only One who can make you holy; so filled with grace-filled holiness that others are compellingly drawn to you? Come join us for this unforgettable, captivating celebration of IGNITE 2024: All In: Living with Grace-Filled Holiness. 

With Keynote Speaker - Mary Ann Noack

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