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We believe true life-change happens when we encounter

 the living God in His living word.

Please join us in this beautiful journey!

"I knew of God. After reading His word, I now know God and feel known by Him." - Anonymous Attendant

Does life feel out of sorts much or all of the time? Maybe you know there is something missing but cannot put your finger on it. Perhaps you sense there is much more to life but have not yet found the missing puzzle piece. This is true until we each come to the door of faith, knock, and walk into the arms of the God who knows you and loves you beyond belief. Reading His beautiful word transforms us into the ones we were created to be!

If you are seeking to know God, join us. If you already know Him, join us. Together we will read, ask, dig, and find answers to life here and into eternity together. We look forward to having you!

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