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Freedom's Ring

When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” - Ralph Waldo Ellison

The longer I live, (which is awhile now) the more people I have met who are trying to gauge life's challenging course, ankles cuffed and without a net. They feel shackled by the tightening clutch of misgivings and seeking answers as to why they are here in the first place, but never finding the drink that satisfies this question's voracious thirst.

The place of true meaning and purpose keeps ducking and weaving, evading their grasp, easily slipping through all of their philosophical arguments and theories that won't hold water, but instead, weigh them down, drowning them in the dark, merciless deep end.

Ever since Eden's garden-forbidden-fruit incident, rebellion and restraining confusion have remained a hovering cloud over the planet. In it's thick and tenacious fog, people are disoriented and scared, losing sight of their way home. Our souls are tattooed with the teardrops of that very first act of defiance against creation and our Creator, and ultimately against ourselves. Ever since, humankind has been anxious, sitting on Death Row, jailed in a dark cell of our own making and have somehow foolishly misplaced the key.

Then, just as all feels hopeless, we are offered full immunity and our release papers! God walks in, turns on the light, and places His signet ring's seal on our discharge certificate, and offers Grace's gift of eternal freedom and life on the outside to anyone who wants it:

Romans 8:1-2: "If you belong to Christ Jesus, you won’t be punished. The Holy Spirit will give you life that comes from Christ Jesus and will set you free from sin and death." (CEV)

Oh the rush of joy! THIS is who we are!

We are free, we have purpose and we belong to a loving God! He wants none to remain lost, all to be freed. Independence day for the entire planet occurred at the Cross of Christ. Now, walk out - no DANCE out of death's locked cage into a new, eternal-life sentence and into the everlasting arms of the One who holds and turned the key!

Once we discover who we are in Him, all of what imprisons us quickly disintegrates, disappearing into the earth, never to be exhumed again. When we enter into the understanding of history's crossroad, leading to the foot of the Cross, then we come into the place of all purpose and knowledge that we are here because He decided we should be. We are purposeful because He handmade us and He we are eternally freed by His love!

Are you still languishing? Step out of the dank, suffocating cell friend. Christ has already paid the bail, and then some. Receive it. Fly! Breathe in the fresh, brand new air. Discover who you really are - fully known and fully loved by a God who has chosen you.

Now, choose Him and wear your new signet ring of freedom, head held high, remembering what it stands for. Release and redemption forevermore. Happy Independence Day!

Question: Are you seeking the key to true freedom? Read Romans 8 today. It will lift you and bring light into the darkness and freedom to your trapped and bound soul. God wants you to be free from bondage. Just say "yes" to His offer and live anew!

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